I may be the last person on earth to figure this out, and if someone out there has already posted this idea, please let me know. But if this is as new for you as it is for me:

I just realized that when I put a parent or guardian’s contact info into my phone, if I put the relationship in the “Title” field and the student’s name in the “Company” field, two great things happen.

  1. Those fields are included in the search function, so if I can’t remember Jimmy’s mom’s name, I can search my contacts for Jimmy Smith and get a list that includes
    • Jimmy Smith
    • Bernice Simpson (mom, Jimmy Smith)
    • Harold Edgerton (step-dad, Jimmy Smith)
  2. Then later when Bernice Simpson happens to call, if I still have not properly linked her in my mind with Jimmy Smith, my caller id helps me out by flashing that it is “Bernice Simpson (mom, Jimmy Smith)” calling.