This year I aim to model how someone can use SBG to improve. Students are going to assess me on eighteen standards based on the areas of performance from The Skillful Teacher*. No rich feedback on this assessment, just a chance to identify problem areas that will then get deeper conversation. So, students will just circle one choice for each standard: 4 (Always), 3 (Usually), 2 (Sometimes), 1 (Rarely), 0 (Never).

In this class:


I get help to stay focused on learning.


Class moves smoothly without wasted time.


I like being in the room, and I can see, hear, and work well.


We spend the right amount of time on each activity each day.


I know how we get stuff done (how we start class, how I get help, where and when to turn in work, etc.)


People behave well; when they don’t, it is handled well.


I understand the teacher, and I know what I’m supposed to be doing and why.

Principles of Learning

Lessons are interesting, connected to my goals, and long-lasting. I get help when I need it, and not when I don’t.

Models of Teaching

I am learning ways of thinking and working with others that will help me outside of math.


My teacher knows I am brilliant and expects me to show it.

Personal Relationship Building

My teacher knows me personally and cares about my success.

Class Climate

I am happy to share my ideas and questions even if I am completely lost or have a weird idea.

Curriculum Design

I know what the big idea of the course is and how each day connects to it.


I know what we’re learning each day, it’s the right level of challenge, and it’s worth doing.


What we do each day helps me achieve the day’s objective.

Learning Experiences

The things we do are a good match for my interests and the way I learn.


I know what things I can do well and what I need to work on next.

Overarching Objectives

Working hard and succeeding in this class makes me feel smart and free.

The concepts behind these standards are complex (each is treated with at least a chapter in TST) and I may have over-boiled. What I am going for is, for each area of performance, if I am performing ideally on that dimension, what will students say is “Always” true about class?

After each assessment, I’ll share with the class the distribution of responses for each standard, and get help from the class with making, then doing, my plan for improvement.

Word-smithing or other suggestions welcome!

*Jon Saphier, Mary Ann Haley-Speca and Robert Gower (2008) The Skillful Teacher: Building Your Teaching Skills (6th Ed.), Research for Better Teaching, Acton, MA, 544pp.