I’ve been grading standards based on lots of kinds of assessments this year, but I have not been including a homework grade. (Shawn explains better than I could.) I explain that homework is the best way to get good, and I grade based on how good you are, so you should do the homework.

Today after the AP test I asked students how I could improve the course next year. By far the most popular suggestion was, “Check homework.” No dissenters.

Something to ponder. I have read that adolescent brains have not yet fully developed the ability to make decisions based on long-term consequences. If that’s true, maybe my students know that about themselves, and want the support that short-term requirements provide.

A particular suggestion was to check by randomly selecting students to present homework problems. I’ve been looking for ways to increase the volume of whole-class presentations and discussion so I will probably do some variation on this. I could count a presentation as an assessment on the relevant standard, so that keeps the SBG (closer to) pure rather than getting into “homework points.”

Whatever I do, my students are telling me they could use a short-term requirement to help them make what they know is the right decision. This may be one of those cases where “treat like an adult” conflicts with “developmentally appropriate.”