I took a page out of Jesse’s book today. My seniors shuffled zombie-like into AP Calc from AP Chem, clearly brain-dead. So I asked them to close their eyes, told them it was okay to fall asleep and that we’d wake them if they did. Then I asked them to imagine themselves in the most relaxing place they’ve ever been. Notice how it felt to be there, how their muscles felt, how the space between their eyebrows felt. What colors are there? What does it smell like? I reminded them that somehow they know the name of that place for them-maybe it’s real name, maybe not-and that anytime they want (in the middle of an AP test, for example), they can close their eyes and have the feeling they’re having right now. “Stay there for a little while, just enjoying what it feels like to be there, and when you’re ready, open your eyes.”

I don’t know how it affected them, but I felt better.