“Dude did you see that guy get shot? You live on that street, right?”
“Yeah, I saw him lying down.”
“You saw him get shot?”
“I didn’t see them, I saw the car. They shot him in the head.”
“Did you see the blood and everything?”
“The guy that got shot, he was my mom’s friend’s son. Mister do you want us to go get breakfast?”

I just nod. I’ve just been listening, not knowing how to get involved. By the time they’re back, they’re on to another topic. By lunch, I’m more worried about lesson planning than I am about that conversation.

It’s not like it’s everyday. This is day 143, and this is the first conversation like this I’ve heard this year. It can’t be the first they’ve had.

I don’t know that I’ll do anything any different because of it. But it seems somehow important that I heard it.